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This Buzzle article talks about the negative effects of TV.

Television has turned most children into couch potatoes. They spend hours glued to the idiot box and show little interest in playing or socializing. Several factors have contributed to the development of this unhealthy trend.
First things first. In most families, TV assumes the role of a babysitter. Parents are usually busy with their own stuff and have little time for the child. So they switch the television on and put the child in front of it. Toddlers who watch a lot of TV will eventually become addicted to it. Excessive hours spent in front of the television also make kids obese. Obese children have little appetite for physical activities. They don’t enjoy running or jumping. They would rather sit and watch TV or play video games.

My 5 year old watches too much cartoons on TV. I have tried to control it but he never listens to me. I will have to be more strict now after reading this essay. Watching for an hour or two is okay, but more than that is not good at all, specially for young kids.

Even my teacher told me to watch television so I can improve my English.

Moreover, watching television is detrimental to their eyesight.

Even though I watch more television than I used to I still behave the same.

The good effects of watching TV are being discussed in a later section in this series.

The negative effects of watching TV are described by different section of people in varying ways.

If you live in a fictional world, then the fictional world becomes your reality.”The average American watches nearly 5 hours of video each day, 98% of which is watched on a traditional television set, according to Nielsen Company.

What are the other negative effects of watching TV?

Many adults feel that because they watched television when they were young and they have not been negatively affected then their children should not be affected as well.

Children in the United States watch an average of three to four hours of television a day.

Another effect is obesity, which is widely observed in people who like watching TV and eating snacks everyday (there is even a term “TV snacks” to refer to fast food that is suitable for eating in front of the TV).

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The Effects of Watching TV essays

The Harmful Effects of Watching Television | The …

Another thing to keep in mind is that you put things in your mouth mechanically, which can cause, in addition to obesity, stomach pains and “pigging out”. All of this gets worse when you see food commercials because they stimulate you to eat more and want to eat this type of food more (which is not healthy at all). People that watch more television tend to have worse diets, as well as having a sedentary lifestyle and not exercising.

"Essay On Bad Effects Of Watching Tv On Children" …

According to the author of one of the studies, Leann Birch, at Penn State, the problem itself doesn’t come from watching television but rather from when children (or anyone at any age) eats without paying attention to the amount, the taste, etc.

Essay On Bad Effects Of Watching Tv On Children

The emotions in the programs' content and exposure to light and sound stimulate the mind rather than relaxing it, which is not conducive to a sound sleep.

✦ Moreover, watching scary scenes or those involving intense emotions can stress your mind and lead to a disturbed sleep.

✦ The television should be turned off at least 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Learn the good and bad effects of watching TV on your child's ..

Children spending long hours in watching television are more prone to attention deficit disorders.

✦ Long hours of TV-viewing naturally reduces the time kids spend with their parents, thus having a negative impact on parent-child interactions, which are an important part of early child development.

Essay about Effects of Television on Today's Youth ..

Because we need
information n entertainment from it
but parents should pay attention to their children about watching
television because television has negative effect for children that
watchong too much

The Negative Effects of Television Essay - Custom …

But it's even better to not let your kids view programs or play games that they find frightening.TV and video games are full of content that depicts risky behaviors (such as , doing drugs, , and having sex at a young age) as cool, fun, and exciting. Studies have shown that teens who watch lots of sexual content on TV are more likely to initiate intercourse or participate in other sexual activities earlier than peers who don't watch sexually explicit shows.While cigarette and ads are banned on television, kids can still see plenty of people smoking in TV shows.

The Negative Effects of Television Essay " ..

Radiations from television have not shown to have any effects on the unborn child.

✦ Pregnant women should not watch TV for too long as it increases their time of inactivity, which is not a healthy habit during pregnancy.

✦ Women who watch TV while feeding may pay less attention to the baby's needs.

Harmful Effects of Television Essay Example for Free

Another reason for television addiction is the rise of nuclear families. Many homes now have only one child. Children who have none to play with often find solace in the television set. Excessive screen time can lead to several problems. Kids who watch television for hours on end may develop obesity, diabetes and even cardiac problems. They may also have trouble focusing on their studies.

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