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The film Big Fish written by Daniel Wallace and John August is a tale of a dying father ..

After his Establishment days ended, Brian not only , but began probing the UFO phenomenon and subsequently . Like us, Brian began waking up fast. The year after leaving my home town forever, while he was traveling the world and investigating FE efforts, which resulted in his , published in late 1995. I became attracted to Brian’s work when I read, for the first time that I could recall, somebody in the FE field writing about Dennis without lying about him. Brian then embarked on a journey of playing the . For five years he faithfully rode, and he had access to the highest levels of the world's . Brian beseeched his peers to simply entertain the of FE.

In , we were still recovering from our Seattle effort when we were offered for making FE. Although Dennis began , when we received that , neither of us seriously suspected that it was an entreaty from those who run the world. A year later, just before we were wiped out, Dennis received an offer of about , delivered by a CIA man who said that he represented “European interests.” It became obvious that we had attracted the attention of the people who ran the world, although the , and we . Soon after Dennis rejected the offer, our nightmare truly began, as in one of the most spectacular wipeouts in the entire history of FE attempts. When the dust settled a couple of years later, , and I would never again see the world in the same way. Mr. Professor, who helped me free Dennis from jail, . The carnage spread far and wide, distantly peripheral players had their lives wrecked, and I heard sad stories from participants even as I wrote this essay.

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All of those hard-to-believe events aside, I became a student of genius while under my first professional mentor’s tutelage. The sold me on him (as well as that voice leading me to him), but when I to help rebuild his effort, it quickly became evident that I was learning from another world-class genius, and I avidly studied his efforts. As far as I know, is the greatest attempt yet made to bring alternative energy to the American marketplace. He probably did his most interesting work before I met him. He invented the , and his were awe-inspiring. Dennis was an untrained businessman, but his ability to erect a disruptive energy technology company with no capital and create the entire process, from developing the technology to building it, marketing it, and installing it, is the best that I have ever seen or heard of, and his public image rarely even touched upon his unparalleled talent in that area. Yet those abilities paled beside his other qualifications, which . That voice knew what it was doing in leading me to Dennis, but playing Indiana Jones’s sidekick was not an easy ride, and I have generally rejected Dennis’s entreaties to rejoin him after I . Even as I write this, I know that our story seems ridiculously fanciful, but it all happened and more, with connections and events I am not at liberty to publicly disclose that makes journey resemble . As dramatic as those events were, our focus was always on bringing FE to the world.

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I know of no more informative contrast between industrial and preindustrial economies than comparing the USA’s North and South on the eve of its Civil War. The North had a vibrant, industrializing economy that quickly became history’s greatest, with its labor nominally free, and the South had a relatively moribund economy based on slave labor. The North used its industrial capacity to grind down the South in a war of attrition, just as . Superior industrial capacity, which is rooted in energy supplies, has won all major wars during the past two centuries. World War I ended when the , and much of the war was devoted to cutting off the other belligerents’ oil supplies. When Germany surrendered, it had one day’s worth of fuel. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 only after the , and Germany lost World War II after its , and the Nazis simply ran out of fuel. Cutting off access to hydrocarbons, oil in particular, was the industrial equivalent of starving out the enemy in a siege, or how continually tried to cut off the other's access to wood. Oil has been humanity’s , and explains imperial meddling and warfare in the Middle East. All other factors are irrelevant or of extremely minor importance and are often promoted in an attempt to deceive uninformed observers such as the American public; proximate causes, if not entirely fictional to begin with, in those delusion-inducing analyses.

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which he based off the Big Fish book written ..

By the early 1700s, and other writers began openly challenging the Church and began arguing for freedom as everybody’s birthright, and the began. Voltaire spent his first stint behind bars in 1717 for his satirical writings. Some have placed the Enlightenment’s beginning in the 1600s, with the feats of and Newton, but as with many other movements, their beginnings were modest. Not until about 1750 was the institution of slavery, hallowed for several thousand years by that time, challenged for the first time on universal grounds. In 1315, France’s , but as France joined the colonial competition, it relied on slave labor for its Caribbean plantations. Ironically, in a French colony, Haiti, although the victory was pyrrhic in ways, as that former slave colony is the .

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Although Enlightenment philosophers acknowledged their debt to Newton (the world’s most towering intellectual of his time and one of history’s greatest scientists and mathematicians), he saw nothing improper with the slave trade and in 1720. When machines began reproducing human labor, the abolition of slavery also began, as it made unskilled labor uneconomical. Slavery, particularly the genocidal forms inflicted by Europe, were viable only for situations in which little professional skill was needed. Slavery worked best in mine and plantation work that used illiterate and often-expendable people. What became the USA was unique in the European age of slavery, in that tobacco operations, unlike sugar plantations, had more seasonal labor demands. Moreover, the environment of southeast North America was conducive to long-lived and fertile slaves, so that they could reproduce. Consequently, what became the USA was a , with its large slave population largely bred, not captured. People born into slavery are easier to keep enslaved than those born free, but they had to be kept illiterate and at low skill levels, or else they might desire freedom and obtain it. Late in the American era of slavery, some slaves were taught to read, but generally only one book, which justified slavery: the Bible. All the way to , apologists for slavery used Biblical passages to justify it. Many also justified antebellum slavery with economic arguments, stating that people took better care of something they owned rather than something they rented.

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was the capitalist epitome in North America’s British colonies, but his fortune was significantly amassed by running ads to capture runaway slaves and by . When the began its power play, the local newspaper reporting on the illegal proceedings was , in an early instance of capitalist censorship of the “free press.” Private “free market” censorship has always been the preferred method of capitalists, not governmental intervention, such as the way that .

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From Sumer onward, the , and that unholy union still exists today in many places, . As other professions arose, they also groveled before political-economic power, and historians have repeatedly prostituted themselves. They did it from the beginnings of their profession, , and those historians selling their souls early on became known as court historians. They concocted history that portrayed the elite path to dominance as a valiant quest, when the reality was almost always the opposite. That issue led to the cynical but true observation that history is written by the winners.

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When that , his/her invention was transmitted via culture, probably by demonstration. When made , they were engaging in a craft that lasted more than a million years; it was obviously a standardized training, as all axes looked similar. When that founder group left Africa, they had full command of language, a sophisticated toolset, and ideas were readily communicated, although it can be interesting to wonder what their were, if they had many. Those concocted complex thought forms to seduce and control the masses. Monumental structures in early civilizations were often architectural and engineering marvels, and the . When that approach took root in Europe, which already used Greek technology to great benefit, it led to the , which accompanied and mutually stimulated the Industrial Revolution. In short, along with greater energy usage, mental feats also increased and were usually required for the next Epochal Event to manifest. The Teslas and Einsteins of their day initiated the breakthroughs and the masses took the ride in the subsequent epoch and raised their level of mental prowess. Calculus was only invented once (twice, really, as and did it independently), but it has been taught to students ever since as part of the mathematics curriculum. Each energy epoch was initiated by and accompanied by increased mental accomplishment, and each breakthrough helped form the foundation of the next one, which .

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