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But can this green paper really buy you happiness....

People say, “How can you not be happy when you have a ton of money?” But people also say, “Having too much money can get in the way of happiness.” To me money is just green paper that lets you buy things you want and need.

Money doesn’t give me any happiness, the only reason I need it is so I can buy the basic needs to surivve. The thing I need to be happy is my guitar, and I know plenty of people who have nothing or very little, and there happy with it and accept it. People take a lot for granted everyday and don’t even think about it, that’s why a lot around us is in chaous 95% of the time. If people recognized their mistakes and they learned to appreciate everything the world would be a better place, but you can’t change some people. I believe love is the only thing that can bring you true happiness.

 Another evidence of money does not buy happiness is buying lottery tickets.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness « Nicole | This I Believe

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Money definitely does not buy happiness. Sometimes it does help to relieve stress about getting food and paying bills and such but money on its own will not get you happiness. Happiness is something people need to find on their own. It is not something that anyone can give you or buy for you. Many times the only thing someone needs to be happy is another person. Money is necessary to live though, and if you are not living you cannot be happy. I think that for each person there is a different amount of money they need to be happy, but too much or too little will both make a person miserable.

People in these days mistake money for happiness, its not happiness, I mean it may make you happy but its more of.. you earned it with (working, favors, etc).. money can buy you food, cars, houses, and things that you desire, but I dont think money is in the category of happiness.. happiness is on your own term and feelings.. its like for example: I was happy when I got my first car… but when I got ten bucks for nothing I was appreciative but not happy, more like thankful..

Happiness can money buy happiness fiction essay- The ..

Money can buy you anything you want if you know what to do with it. You don’t need to waste your money if you get it you are soppose to save your money for the right thing like to pay of a house, pay of a car, bay your bills for the next year, or you can help with you kids college fund. If money can buy me any thing in the world i would take it but if it cost me selfishness and greed i would not take it becsause i would like to have money but i would not like to be greedy with it.

Money can buy you anything.

I think families bring happiness and they have good times together. BUT….I think they have a better time watching the big screen TV together in the living room and laughing at a funny, family-friendly movie than they have stressing over where the MONEY ($$) is coming from to pay the American Express bill that was ran up by the big screen TV that they love to watch, recently purchased, but that they wish to, but, truthfully, cannot afford.

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Do you think money can buy happiness? | Essay …

Money Can't Buy Happiness Length: ..

I know for a fact that money doesn’t bring you happiness. If you have a large amount of money, then your worries increase. The fear of being robbed, or killed for your money goes up. If you have a lot of money, than you usually have to work very long hours, or even be in a really stressful job. Most jobs that are not as stressful, but yet make a pretty good sum of money are state trooper, military, and nurses.
Once I leave for basic for the United States Marine Corps I know that I will love to do what I am doing.
Money can’t buy you happiness. It can’t buy our personal relationships, or anything of the other. It usually just adds stress. The amount of money Id like to have would be just enough to buy a house, car, and enough to live on. No need for big fancy Cadillac Escalades, or Lamborgini Avalo’s. Id rather be happy with the people I have in my life, than have all the money a person could ever want.

can money buy happiness Essay - …

maybe, it all depends, most lottery winners end up having a crappy life after they win, they lose all their friends and stuff like that but, donating money is almost like buying happiness and it helps others in need. i dont think theres an answer to your question, its debatable

When we do have money can buy happiness ..

Happiness can be bought by money, but only between a certain amount can. If you have to little to pay for the things you want that doesn’t help you out at all, if you have to much money and the only thing your doing is worrying about it that isn’t worth it either. Probably between 55,000 and 100,000 Salary is the happy medium. But it doesn’t always depend on the money sometimes the person can make it different. The person can be happy as can be on 20 bucks a week, and still make it. The money has to support your life style to make you happy also, not just your night outs, dinner, and a movie. I get paid minimum wage, but as long as I have enough to put gas in my car and go out to eat or something im fine. I don’t need the finest bentley in my driveway.

Argumentative Essay On Money & Happiness at …

I think that money does not influence your happiness, what makes you happy is everything else like your family, your pets, friends, and of course, your significant other. Happiness is not about money, but about your life and how you live it; if you are happy with making a lot of money then that might make you happy because you love your job. There is a certain amount of money that everyone should make so that they get their basic necessities so that they can be on the road to happiness. I am one hundred percent content with my life right now. I think that everyone should be content with the life that they are living because it’s your life and you should love it no matter what happens.

Many people believe that money can buy happiness, or that you need ..

I actually watched an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog yesterday, that touched on this topic quite thoroughly. There was a man who was miserable, so he made Doom Booms (bombs that made you unhappy & depressing) and with his Doom Booms, he was bombing every town. He did not bomb the president’s house, because he wanted three billion and a third dollars. When he got this money, he still was not happy and continued to bomb things. But Muriel, Courage’s owner, made Happy Plums. Happy Plums are plums that Muriel makes from a special secret recipe that make you happy. Once the madman ate some of the Happy Plums, he was happy. Therefore proving that money cannot buy you happiness, but Happy Plums can.

Money can bring happiness, do you ..

money only buys temporary happiness, for me anyways.i shop way to much and it never seems to keep me satisfied. atleast the way i feel only being inlove can make you happy, and the reason i know money cant is because when i was inlove me having money didnt matter anymore

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