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But for Weicker, doing the “right thing” was the only way.

Pretend you work for a professional sports league, and the commissioner has just assigned you to develop guidelines for permissible gestures by the league’s athletes. How can you balance athletes’ freedom of speech — their right to speak out on issues they view as important — with the need to prevent actions that might be interpreted as derogatory or hateful? Should privately-owned sports teams or leagues get involved in such issues?

And now I leave you with this. Whenever you feel that you can get away with something just because no one is watching, the guilt is not worth it. I believe that the feeling after getting away with something is so much worse than that regretful feeling you get when you know you could’ve gotten away with something but decided to do the right thing because you know that it is the right thing to do. With this I urge you to always do the right thing, even if no one is watching.

~David Star Jordan, Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking.

No, Mookie did not do the right thing.

Everything about this movie was hot, from the weather down to the themes and issues it brought up.

We see a really old radio

turned on, on the left side, and a really old fan that is turned on, on the right side,

that doesn't seem to be doing anything to reduce the heat.

Ask your parents or other adults about the culture in their workplace. Is dissent or speaking out about problems encouraged or discouraged? And what can be done to encourage people to speak up for the right reasons, i.e., to help the organization to improve and better fulfill its mission?

I don’t feel that anybody did the right thing.

People don’t necessarily think of scientists as being particularly brave. But their work sometimes leads to tough dilemmas, and some do better than others at making the right calls. One climate researcher says scientists in his field can no longer remain on the sidelines as . And you might be surprised how many other scientists have found it within themselves to speak out. Ask students to or researcher who blew the whistle and make a short presentation to the class on the situation that prompted that person to act.

took office, doing the “right thing” was the way he planned to navigate his political career.

Her point could have been better worded if the portion that reads "our unpleasant jobs" were replaced with "what is right." Atticus did unpleasant things only because he knew that they were the right thing to do....

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~BuddhaThe time is always right to do what is right.

Doing The Right Thing « Tyler | This I Believe

If you are an entrepreneur who is trying to do the right thing but you're wondering if it is possible to be successful and be true to your values at the same time I want to encourage you. You're not alone. There really are a lot of people in business who think the way you do. Don't let the dishonest, stab-you-in-the-back, reputation-less weasels make you think you won't succeed if you don't cut corners.

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Thanks to Bob Levin who shared a story about his Grandpa, David S. Levin, I now have a very simple measure for my actions to see if I'm doing the right thing. Bob says his Grandpa lived his life trying to treat people right. He didn't make a show of it though. Near the end of his life he summarized his life in business by saying, "No man can look me in the eye and tell me that I done him wrong." Imagine what it means to have lived a long life and at the end of it to be able to look back and say that. Mr. Levin, I would have liked to have known you.

Doing the Right Thing Essay Examples - New York essay

Overview | Something happens — a moment of injustice, a threat to the nation, a potentially criminal act. Why do some people speak out or take action, while others remain silent? And how can we encourage more people to recognize the moment when bravery is required?

Doing The Right Thing - Essay by Chicampionona

In this lesson, we explore ethical dilemmas that face normal people around the world, in all walks of life. Some of their cases are familiar, while others are obscure. But they hold one thing in common: They feature individuals who followed the guidance of their own moral code, often risking personal injury or community censure to do so. We’ll ask students to examine the underlying characteristics of such episodes, and consider whether some acts are more deserving of support than others.

On Doing the Right Thing | Mises Institute

Warm-Up | You may wish to begin by tapping into students’ existing experiences and beliefs. Ask students to jot down some examples of people who spoke out against injustice, took a lone public stand, intervened during an emergency or controversy, or failed to do so. You can also ask if they themselves have ever stood up for what’s right, even in a difficult situation. Pick a few particularly compelling examples and ask students, as a class, to suggest what motivated each individual’s actions and speculate on the thoughts that went through that person’s mind at the crucial moment. Then, by a show of hands, ask students whether they approve or disapprove of the action that was taken in each case.

Doing The Right Thing - Essay by Shirsabag - Anti Essays

THE TITLES OF PLAYS, NOVELS, MAGAZINES, NEWSPAPERS, JOURNALS (things that can stand by themselves) are underlined or italicized. Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie and Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye don't seem to have much in common at first. If you're using a word processor or you have a fancy typewriter, use italics, but do not use both underlines and italics. (Some instructors have adopted rules about using italics that go back to a time when italics on a word processor could be hard to read, so you should ask your instructor if you can use italics. Underlines are always correct.) The titles of poems, short stories, and articles (things that do not generally stand by themselves) require quotation marks.

Why You Should Do the Right Thing, and How to Do It

There’s plenty of room for debate as to whether or not anyone did the right thing in this script, in my opinion most of the characters did the wrong thing.

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