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Moral and Ethical Issues in Teacher Education. ERIC …

There is also an additional (and very different kind of) consideration that augurs well for the power of the school relative to the larger culture. The suggestion that the larger culture will overpower whatever the child learns through the culture of the school may be built on an assumption which, though not identified and challenged in this discussion, is, at least in our own society, questionable. This is the assumption that the "the larger culture" is singular rather than made up of multiple voices. While this may be reasonably true of some cultures, it is arguable that in an open, multi-cultural society like our own the child encounters a multitude of cultural voices in the course of growing up, many of which are at cross-purposes. Because the effect of these voices may be, if not to cancel each other out, at least to weaken each one, the voice of the school-culture, if it represents a compelling moral outlook in a consistent way over many years, may prove very powerful -- in the same way even a small minority coalition may powerfully affect the course of a society if various other and possibly much larger political parties cancel each other out.

Multicultural education is an idea, an approach to school reform, and a movement for equity, social justice, and democracy. Specialists within multicultural education emphasize different components and cultural groups. However, a significant degree of consensus exists within the field regarding its major principles, concepts, and goals. A major goal of multicultural education is to restructure sch…

We will offer our answer by way of a sketch of a theory of moral education BIBLIOGRAPHY.

Essay on importance of moral education - Receive an …

Mary Carpenter, reformatory problems of the industrial revolution essay schools and education.

The neighborhood has long been an icon of school quality, local responsiveness, and home/parent centeredness in U.S. education. The mythology of the neighborhood has been heavily reinforced by the deep popularity of the long-running children's television show Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. A romantic image of the neighborhood has also often been at the heart of opposition to busing, schoo…

Alexander Sutherland Neill flouted educational convention with utopian faith in individuals' ability to direct their own learning. His romantic Progressive beliefs concerning students' rights and freedoms, his refusal to conform to popular moral and intellectual standards, and his emphasis on social and character development led him to found his own school, Summerhill, in 1921. Neill…

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The National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) defines itself in its mission statement as "a professional organization dedicated to building support for education through responsible public relations that leads to success for all students." Founded in 1935, NSPRA is the professional association for school communications specialists, superintendents, and others who are respo…

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It follows from this analysis that rather than trying to strengthen direct instruction in the schools, our efforts should be directed towards weaving around the children of the community a cultural totality that will nurture them with images of moral goodness which will seep deeply and enduringly into their souls. When we do this, says Plato,

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Essay on need of moral education - …

Essay on need of moral education

Thus, Jerusalem and Athens speak with one voice on the question of the role of culture in the moral life: culture is enormously powerful, tending to shape individual human beings in its image. Embedded in this view is a sharp critique of those who hold that "moral education", understood as formal classes designed to promote moral growth, has the power to nurture moral attitudes, dispositions, and sensibilities that improve on what day-to-day life in the culture encourages. How quickly, says Socrates, will the learning acquired at the hands of a teacher dissolve in the face of the allure and the threats presented by the crowd (the culture!). Do not, then, expect much help from courses in ethics designed to stimulate moral growth; and do not expect much from listening to, and even being temporarily moved by, the stirring insights of a moral sage. Such influences do not amount to very much so long as they are incoherent with the moral messages being forcefully and continuously communicated by the cultural environment.

Essay on need for moral education in schools

Unfortunately, this solution is itself seriously problematic: for it would appear to be naively unrealistic to think that we have the capacity to reshape the larger culture in such a way that the child is surrounded and nurtured by a worthy moral ideal; for better and/or for worse, we are far from knowing how to re-shape cultural attitudes and dispositions in accordance with our wishes. Indeed, those who seek the kind of cultural transformation that is being suggested as a condition of adequate moral education often turn to education to launch this transformation.

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Career military officers and noncommissioned officers (NCOs) of the Armed Forces of the United States are the beneficiaries of sequential, regularly scheduled periods of professional education. Military leaders return full-time to the "schoolhouse" every three to five years during a twenty-plus year career. Each of these in-residence educational experiences lasts from two months to a…

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We have, it would appear, a chicken-and-egg problem: education is the key to the transformation of the culture's attitudes regarding morality; but, if Plato is right, the effectiveness of such education depends on a culture that supports the message delivered by educational institutions. Is there a way out of this vicious -- a term particularly appropriate, give our subject-matter -- circle?

Do you think that moral values should be part of our education system

Mnemonic ("nee-moh-nick") techniques, also referred to as mnemonic strategies, mnemonic devices, or simply mnemonics, are systematic procedures designed to improve one's memory. The word mnemonic derives from the Greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne, and means "memory enhancing." The most comprehensive treatise on the historical development of mnemonic techniques m…

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Nowhere is the chasm between the two visions of teacher education—training versus formation—clearer than in the demise of the traditional methods course. The public, and policymakers who require such courses in regulations governing teacher education, may assume that when a teacher takes a methods course, it is to learn the best methods for teaching certain subject matter. That view, we are told in the AERA volume, is for the most part an anachronism. The current view, state professors Renee T. Clift and Patricia Brady, is that “A methods course is seldom defined as a class that transmits information about methods of instruction and ends with a final exam. [They] are seen as complex sites in which instructors work simultaneously with prospective teachers on beliefs, teaching practices and creation of identities—their students’ and their own.”

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